Trasportation in Buenos Aires.

Transportation & Mobile Internet in Buenos Aires


Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires by NightYou should try to buy one SUBE card as soon as you arrive to Buenos Aires, as this card is the only payment method for buses and subways, and works also on suburban trains.

The card is usually sold in Metro stations, “Kioscos” (candy stores), and can be charged in many bus stops, all subway stations, and many kioscos, and lottery stores also. There are also some self service terminals available that take cash.

The card when you buy it for the first time, includes credit for two trips, your credit will be negative after using those two trips. So when you recharge, you will be discounted, te negative credit you have in the card (2 trips today is around 50 pesos) So, when you recharge pesos $200, you will be discounted the, negetive $50, and your balance will be $150.


SUBTES (Metro).

Uno de los medios más prácticos para moverse en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires es el SUBTE (Metro), esquivando el tránsito y los posibles cortes por protestas.

Para consultar horarios y tarifas visitar la página de Metrovías. El subte solo funciona de día, el último tren suele partir entre las 22 y 23 hs depdendiendo del día


BUSES (Colectivos).

In Argentina buses are calles colectivos, also they are called “bondis” in porteño slang (lunfardo)

In Buenos Aires city and sorroundings, there are more than 200 bus lines that cross the entires city, and beyond, with service 24 hs every day the wholle year.

Si Although it is not ease, for a tourist, to know the lines schedules and routes, thanks mobile apps like Google Maps, Transit or Moovit, etc, it is very easy to find which bus tu take, where, where to drop off, even trip time, and aproximate arrival to stop.




Mobile Internet: SIM data for tourists:

In order to be able to move arround with more freely around the city, and to be able search anywhere, use all the mobile apps finding a restaurant, etc, you can buy a data SIM card for your phone, so you will able to use Internet anywhere in Argentina, without having to pay extra roaming coasts.

The two major boile companies in Argentina are Personal and Movistarand they offered prepaid data SIMS for tourists. You can check their offers:

Web Movistar Argentina:

Web Personal Argentina: