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As the Creators of Buenos Aires Gay Travel Guide, we hope that the guide is a useful, reliable and non-biased source of information to plan your trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The site since 2003 provides all the information you may need to plan your trip. As you would imagine, to design, create, weekly update and host the Gay Guide, reply emails and to improve constantly takes a lot of effort, time and money.

This site is free, and independent from all the businesses that are listed. The reviews we do, are exclusively based on our opinions, what we like, and what we do not like. We want to stand independent, so we can continue giving you the a honest and non-biased local advice in all cases.

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If you have found useful to have a free, independent, and reliable source of information to plan your trip, we could use your help. You have several ways to help us:

1) Or you can tell people in place you go about us (gay or not  bars/restaurants/etc) you go that you found us through our site so they link us back from their websites.

2) You can comment in any forum you participate, specially travel forum (like trip advisor, foddors, flyerstalk) about us including a link to the page of the information  e.g. 

If we are finally included in these sites, it will be easer for more people to reach our guide and get more from there visit to Argentina. Thanks!!!