Safety tips for tourist visiting Buenos Aires

How to best move around.

Buenos Aires is a relatively safe city. General safety recommendations, are the same for in every big city: do not walk on parks at night, or less crowded streets and avenues, do not exhibit valuable objects (like an expensive watch) when you are walking along the street, avoid to show that you are carrying foreign money. Bringing money and wallet in your front pockets is always a good advice, wherever you travel to

But there are a couple of issues that you should specially take in mind:

1) When you arrive to Ezeiza International Airport, do not take any taxi, or rented car offered by a single person at loud voice. There are official counters where you can hire safe transfers from Ezeiza Airport to Buenos Aires City. The most traditional company is Manuel Tienda Leon ( You can take a transfer (car with chauffer). You can also buy this transfer in advance in the website. This is a fix rate, and it will take you directly to your hotel. Tienda Leon also offers buses and vans that leave you in Retiro area.

2) Taxis are safe to take in Buenos Aires. Cabify and UBER work also in the city. UBER is not legally authorized in Buenos Aires city, so they make you travel in the fron seat

3) It is advisable not to use luxury watches o jewlery on the streets, you can keep them in the Hotel safe.

4) Watch for you belongings in tourist crowded areas like Florida Street, and in the public transport, especially in subways in rush hours. Pickpocketers are always active in crowded touristy areas, subways, buses.

5) If you visit the La Boca area, it is recommended not to leave the central area of Caminito, and go and return by taxi. The surrounding area can be dangerous.

Do not miss advice 1) don’t take taxis, or remises offered by people in the Airport. There are not safe.

Tourist Police Station: Av. Corrientes 436 – Downtown- Phone: 4346-5748 / 0800-9995000. The tourist police station includes 30 police officers which speak different languages as English, Deustche, Portuguese, French, Italian, Ucranian, etc. If you have any inconvenient, or problem witth a service provider you can contact them.