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Floralis Generica, Recoleta, Buenos Aires

The creators of Buenos Aires Gay Guide will show you during a Gay Private Tour the city from the point of view of a gay local professional. We will give you an good insight of Buenos Aires different attractions, neighborhoods, people, history, culture, best restaurants and bars, museums, shops and gay places to have fun.

The idea of offering these private tours was to help people visiting Buenos Aires to have a more local experience and to avoid the tourist traps. So you get more of the Buenos Aires locals know, and visit places where the people is mainly local. Tell the guide in advance what your main interests are, and he will plan your personal tour.

Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

We the guides, are gay bilingual (Spanish-English) local professionals, who will help you to get more from your trip. In the last years, we gave hundreds of private tours to people from all over the World (U.S., South Africa, Canada, U.K., Germany, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Honduras, Brazil, Spain, etc.).

We have designed several walking, cultural, shopping and night Guided Tours for you. We offer a variety of personalized walking and sightseeing tours to choose from (click on any of the tours above to get a detailed description and price and booking options):Recoleta Private Walking Tour.San Telmo Walking Tour.Palermo Walking Tour.Gay Nightlife Tour.Shopping Tour.Coast Tigre Train  

If you want book one or more tours you can or you can fill our booking form.

You can also email us to thegaygtours@gmail.com. On request, the Walking Tours (Recoleta, San Telmo and Palermo) can be made also by car with a driver, or taking taxis from the different areas of interest.
The special thing about these tours is that will be are organized only for you, according to your preferences, likes and interests.

With us you can get a taste of local life, artisan shopping areas, as well as modern malls. You can enjoy, a day discovering Recoleta accompanied by Recoleta neighbors. Get a walk across the exclusive area of “Barrio Parque”, where argentine old families and TV stars mansions are located. Get around the fashionable area of Palermo SoHo, Hollywood and Las Cañitas, with your local guide. You can loose yourself in the fresh air of Palermo Park. And much more…

You can explore the nicest neighborhoods of Buenos Aires accompanied by a gay young local guide, who will show not only the typical tourist circuits, but the coolest places of the city. The tours are walking, we can also take taxis from one place of interest to the next, or hire a car with a driver.
The tours are private, and very popular, and we have a limited number of tour guides available, so It’s always better to book them if you want to ensure availability.In case you are not sure yet of your schedules or what days/hour you will have available to take the tours, or where you will be staying (hotel/apartment) you can make a provisional booking (indicating is provisional in the booking form), and send the remaining info later.


If you want to book a tour, you can use the form, or you can email me to  thegaytours@gmail.com to book one or more tours. It is easier to arrange your booking by email or using the form, but use the way you prefer.

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