Buenos Aires Gay Pride

Argentina Gay Pride Parade

The Gay Pride Parade is usually held the first or second Saturday of November at 18 hs starting from Plaza de Mayo.

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Buenos Aires gay pride gathered huge crowds celebrating the Gay Marriage Law in 2010 and asking for more GLBT rights. The motto of the pride was for years was “The same rights with the same names”. This equality was obtained in 2010.

In 2011 the pride asked for the approval of a Gender Law, enabling transsexuals and transvestites to change their birth certificates, sex re-assignation surgery, etc. This law was enacted by Congress on May 2012.

For more information you can visit the official website of the Pride.

Why to participate in the Argentina gay pride parade? Because you are proud to be how you are, because you are not pride and you want to be, because you want to know what is this all about, because the only way to defend our right is to show that we are a lot of people, because you were fired from your work for being gay, because you have to hide your preferences to not be fired.

Because you cannot get a good job because you are a transvestite, because the people who goes to the parade doesn’t represent you, you have to represent you by yourself, because your friends are going, because you want to have fun, because you want to have right to civil unions, because you feel curiosity, because you want to dance, because you don’t want transvestites to be tortured and killed in Police Departments.

Because you want to share your health insurance with your couple, to hear live music, because you want to go to the fair, because you wan to have the same rights than heterosexuals, because our presence in Society is very important, because you want to meet an ex boy/girlfriend, to prevent gay teenagers committing suicide.

Because they want to present you someone, because you want this to be a party, because you were not allowed to donate blood, because you don’t want your ex couple take off from you the custody of your kids, because you want to have children, because you want to meet people, because you want this parade to be a political act, to know that you are not alone, to meet people, because you support the organizations that defend your rights, because you think you are free, because your couple died and you had no right over his final arrangements, to defend your rights and the rights of other like you, because it makes you feel good, to see the customs and outfits, to commemorate the revolt of Stonewall, to support the community GLBT and their rights, to celebrate the bird of the first gay organization in Latin America.

´Cause you are a Lesbian, because you are a transvestite, because you are a faggot, because you are a firefighter, because you are a transsexual, because you are a sissy, because you are a stud, because you are a bear, because you are leather, because you are bisexual, because you are gay, because you like it!