Buenos Aires Cultural attractions.

Buenos Aires Cultural Life

Buenos Aires has one of the richest cultural life’s in Latin America. There are more than 100 museums, tons of art galleries, more than 200 theater plays, music shows and even an interesting alternative movies circuit.


Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Museum) Av. Libertador 1902, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, C1425AAS, Argentina. Telephone +54 (11) 5288-9900 Opens Tueesday – Friday 12:30 to 7:30 p.m. Sat, Sun and national holidays from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The museum holds the most important argentine art collection (11.000 art pieces), including all the main artists both of the XIX and XX century. It is a must to visit the modern and contemporary Bemberg Colection, donated by María Luisa Bemberg in the second floor, a renown argentine filmmaker from a very aristocratic family of Buenos Aires (founders of Quilmes Beer Co, the local beer).The Museum also holds important European art pieces donated by the prominent families of Argentina, including a Van Gogh, Monet, and other of the most important artists. This colection is located in the ground floor. The museum also exhibits  interesting temporary collections. The museum website is  https://www.mnba.gob.ar/.

MALBA – Colección Constantini – Avda. Figueroa Alcorta 3415 – Palermo, Buenos Aires, C1425CLA , Argentina. Telephone +54 11 4808-6500. MALBA is the Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires. This private museum was founded by Eduardo Constantini, -a generous businessman who donated his private collection of Latin American Art, bought the land and built the museum. This is up to date the most modern of the Museums of Buenos Aires, and features the Constantini permanent collection plus very interesting temporary exhibits of the main contemporary Latin America artists.

The permanent collection itself makes the visit to the MALBA a must. You will discover the different schools of modern and contemporary Latin American Art, from the 20’s to nowadays. This is one of the most important Latin American Collections. In the museum they also hold very interesting temporary exhibits, installations, video art, etc. https://www.malba.org.ar

Colección Fortabat – Olga Cossettini 141, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, C1107CCC, Argentina. The most recently opened museum is located in the Puerto Madero, the refurnished docklands neighborhood, which is the most modern in the city. La Colección exhibits the personal art collection of one of the richest woman in Argentina, Amalita Fortabat.

The masterpiece of the collection is an amazing Turner depicting an amazing view of Venice. It also includes art from reknown artists from the 18th and 19th century, and some contemporary art, including a portrait of Amalita by Andy Wharholl. The building ceiling is movable, allowing Amalita to fulfil her wish to watch her paintings and the sky at the same time. It is a museum you can explore in 1 hour while exploring Puerto Madero. https://www.coleccionfortabat.org.ar/

Museo de Arte Hispanoamericano Isaac Fernández Blanco – Suipacha 1422, Retiro, Buenos Aires, C1011ACF, Argentina. Tuesday to Sunfay 2 p.m to -7 p.m.. This museum functions in Palacio Noel an Impressive Neocolonial mansion that dates from 1920. The collection includes different artistic expressions from the Spanish colonial era, including silver works, paintings, imagery, other colonial representations and XIX century works

Museo de la Ciudad (City Museum) -Alsina 412 – Defensa 219 / 223, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, C1065AAC Argentina. The city museum compiles pieces of Buenos Aires everyday life from the foundation in the XVI century to nowadays. Interesting place to get an immersion in Buenos Aires customs, traditions, past and present of the city daily life.

Evita Museum Lafinur 2988, Palermo, Buenos Aires, C1425FAB, Argentina. The Evita Museum is located in what it used to be a single mothers transit house part of the social work of Evita. You can feel there the strong passions she generated (both very deep hate and love). The exhibit includes information and documentaries about her social work, speeches, some of her dresses and jewelry, etc. If you are interested in this complex icon of Argentina -beyond Lloyd weber simplifications for the musical- you cam make a visit to the museum, to get an idea of all the incedible things she did in such a short life.

Xul Solar Museum – Laprida 1212, Recoleta, C1425EKF, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Opens Tuesday to Friday 12 a 7.30 p.m / Saturday. 12 to 7 p.m. Guided visits: Tuesday, Thrsday And Saturday, 16.30hs. Tel: +54 (11) 4824-3302 / 4821-5378 xulsolar@ciudad.com.ar This museum is located in Xul’s former house. Oscar Agustín Alejandro Schulz Solari (1888-1963) -he renamed himself Xul Solar- was one of the greatest vanguard artists of Argentina, and a very interesting person. Xul Solar Xul was essentially an esoteric artist, in all of his career he focused in the search of a superior knowledge, of a non revealed truth. This search guided him during all its life and directed his artistic approach to different religions and belief systems. Most of his paintings are based on spiritual or religious symbols. His trip to Europe in 1912 inserts him in a context marked by the occultism, anthroposophy, theosophy and other knowledge related to them.

In his early works appears a trend that will define all his paintings: the possibility of understanding them like a narrative text in images; Solar Xul thought and transmitted his ideas in plastic terms. Beginning in 1920 he starts experimenting in his watercolors the relation between the Word and images. He also works in the creation of a new artificial language -the neoCreole- a step in his project to unify Latin America (the European and the Indigenous) in a new one.

In the 30’s he creates writing systems, giving rise to the first grafías continuing with his investigation about languages, and by the end of the 50’s, he creates art pieces that are a fusion between writing and senses. He creates a writing system that would serve as guide this new men in their search towards the superior knowledge.

These restlessness also take shape in the 50’s through paintings whose subject is the zodiac and the planets, in his portraits he defines the portrayed y his astrological sign. Xul is, then, invents Pan-Chess, a color organ, and other weird inventions, like New-Kabalahh : as ways of overcoming the earthly plane to a superior world.

In the 50’s and, Solar Xul retakes his architectonic designs: he creates set of facades and buildings for the Delta demonstrating his interest to construct a community for this Latin American new man and a new religion he proposes. He wanted to transmit what he had discovered after almost fifty years of work: the possibility of founding a new religion, for him and its followers.


They say than Buenos Aires has more theatre plays than Broadway. While thi smay be true or not, the theatre scene is incredibly rich and varied. You have from underground and experimental plays, to variete or Cabaret like shows called Revistas, Opera in the Colon Theater and others, and all type of comedies, dramas, etc.

While most of the plays are in Spanish, you have some shows like Fuerza Bruta (actually touring around the Wolrd) or De la Guarda (also touring) that originated in Buenos Aires. You have also at least a couple of Broadway Musical Comedies, and local productions.

To get the listings of what is showing when you are visiting you should check Newspapers, you have different resources both printed or online. We recommend La Nación:

Another source for info is the English newspaper Buenos Aires Herald, the British comunity newspaper founded in 1876. You can buy it probably in most newstands of Buenos Aires, at least the most central ones. You can get a highlight of the main theatre and musical events showing that day, in the entertainment section of the newspaper.

Teatro Colon -Cerrito  628, Buenos Aires. Teatro Colon is the most important centre for the lyric music, ballet and Opera. Considered to have one of the best acoustics of the World, the Colón Theatre was born due to the strict demand of a society which had become devoted to opera since the early XIX century. This musical expression invented in the late Renaissance became Buenos Aires’s favourite at the end of the XIXth century. Teatro Colon became in the remote Buenos Aires into one of the leading lyric centres of the world.

Fostered by local prosperity, the people and the Government of Buenos Aires had high hopes in the possibility of building a new Colon Theatre which would replace the old one. In fact, discussions concerning the design and building of a new theatre had already begun even before the decision of turning the building into a bank was made.

The imposing building is an example of the architectural rules and tendencies of the beginnings of the XX century. The eclecticism used in the building of the theatre assembles, in a coherent, natural and harmonious way, the best synthesis of the different architectural styles previously chosen, now including neo-Greek features in the façade. Meano described the building saying that it is ‘imposing but not severely functional’, which seems to be the style of buildings destined for government offices or religious purposes. The Theatre building instead has a simple, yet varied style, pleasing and majestic at the same time, having the privilege of showing, at a first glance, what it is intended for.

Teatro Colon was fully refurnished and reopened in 2010 for the celebrations of Argentina´s Centenial. The activities that usually take place in Colon, will be held in different places. Tickets and guide visits:  https://www.teatrocolon.org.ar/

Art Movies / Festivals

For decades has existed in Buenos Aires an interesting and growing art movies circuit, that with the projects now in folder will register a considerable growth.

BAFICI Buenos Aires Festival de Cine Independiente – Buenos Aires Independent Movies international festival is held in the month of April, in different cinemas all along the city. Here you can watch independent movies from all parts of the World. The Festival is usually held in April each year. https://www.bafici.gob.ar/

British Arts Centre Suipacha 1333 – Retiro The British Arts Centre organizes retrospectives of British born actors and filmmakers. They also have theater plays in English language. https://www.britishartscentre.org.ar

MALBA Cine at Malba Museum has a cycle of art movies, shorts and retrospectives from the most varied filmmakers, from consecrated to new and young ones.

Universidad del Cine Pasaje J.M. Giuffra 330 – San Telmo, Buenos Aires, C1064ADD. This is one of the main universities dedicated exclusively to film-making. Located in the historical Pasaje Giuffra (San telmo), they also project experimental, and movies, shorts, etc. They also organize the International Festival of Film-making schools

Centro Cultural Rojas  Corrientes 2038, Balvanera, Buenos Aires, C1045AAP, Argentina – Telephone: 4954-5521 / 4954-5523This cultural centre depends from Buenos Aires university. This cultural centre organizes -apart from theatre, painting, acting, writing, literature workshops, and exhibits- art movies festivals or exhibits. The exhibits in “El Rojas” are usually political, related to human rights and probably in many cases anti-imperialist as the University itself.

Art Galleries

Buenos Aires has more than one hundred art galleries. There are three main circuits of art galleries. The Retiro and Recoleta Circuit comprehends the more established artists, and are the high end galleries of the city. While you have two additional circuits, Palermo SoHo and San Telmo, which usually exhibits younger and new artists. In Palermo some of the art galleries are part of a restaurant or fashion clothes or decoration shops.

Once a month (the last Friday of each month) there is a Gallery Nights event in Retiro Circuit (basically in Arroyo street and surroundings) organized by Arte al Dia art magazine and La Nacion when all galleries in the area open for that night, and you have music in the streets, complimentary champagne or beer, etc.. A couple of times a year they organize Palermo SoHo, and San Telmo Gallery Nights.

Retiro Circuit

1) VYP. Galería de Exposiciones Arroyo 959 Tel: 4325 8175 / Fx. 4327-0156 vypgaleria@fibertel.com.ar

2) British Arts Centre Suipacha 1333 4393 6941 informes@britishartscentre.org.ar www.britishartscentre.org.ar

3) Danish Art Gallery Arroyo 889, esq. Suipacha – Galería Paseo Arroyo Tel: 4394 2633 info@galdanish.com www.galdanish.com

4) Agustina del Campo – Difusión de Arte Argentino Arroyo 889, Local 12 y 13 Tel: 4313-9429 info@agustinadelcampo.com www.agustinadelcampo.com Trastienda

5) Dharma Fine Arts Arroyo 889 local 16 Tel: 4328-6219 info@dharmafinearts.com www.dharmafinearts.com

6) Mercedes Pinto Arte Contemporáneo Arroyo 889 local 19 Tel: 15-4888-4187 mercedespinto2@hotmail.com

7) Holz, arte & mas Arroyo 862 Tel: 4394-0779 contacto@holzgaleriadearte.com.ar www.holzgaleriadearte.com.a

8) Renoir Galería de Arte Arroyo 840 Tel./Fx. 4327 0678 artrenoir@ciudad.com.ar www.galeriarenoir.com.ar

9) Ares Arte Arroyo 826 Tel. : 4393-0329 / Cel: 15-5310-6523 consulta@aresarte.com.ar www.aresarte.com.ar

10) Palatina Arroyo 821 4327 0620 palatina@fibertel.com.ar

11) Vasari Galería de Arte Esmeralda 1357 Tel. 4327 0664 / Fx. 4328-3580 galeriavasari@fibertel.com.ar www.galeriavasari.com.ar

12) Loreto Arenas Galería de Arte Juncal 885 – entrepiso Tel./Fx. 4328-6490 loretoarenas@fibertel.com.ar

13) Suipacha Galeria de Arte Suipacha 1248 Tel / Fax (54 11) 4322-1566 / 4326-9027 egruskin@suipachagaleria.com.ar www.suipachagaleria.com.ar

14) Encuentro Galería de Arte Suipacha 1217 Tel: 4393-0069 contactenos@galeriaencuentro.com www.galeriaencuentro.com

15) El Puente Galería de Arte Arenales 834 Tel: 4325-5110 elpuente@elpuentegaleria.com.ar www.elpuentegaleria.com.ar

16) Ursomarzo Arenales 921 Tel: 4393 0871 info@galeriaursomarzo.com.ar www.galeriaursomarzo.com.ar

17) Buenos Aires ROU Arenales 960 Tel: 4393-1767 buenosairesrou@speedy.com.ar jdronco@speedy.com.ar www.buenosairesrou.com

18) Aldo de Sousa Arenales 966 Tel./ Fx. 4394-6000 info@aldodesousa.com.ar www.aldodesousa.com.ar

Palermo Viejo Circuit

1) Elsi del Río Arévalo 1748 Tel: 4899 0171 info@elsidelrio.com.ar www.elsidelrio.com.ar

2) Espacio de Arte de Radiopalermo Emilio Ravignani 1732 – Palermo Hollywood noragior@hotmail.com www.radiopalermo.com.ar

3) Braga Menéndez Arte Contemporáneo Humboldt 1574 Tel: 4775-5577 / 9255 info@galeriabm.com www.galeriabm.com

4) Papelera Palermo – Casa de Oficios Cabrera 5227 Tel: 4831-1080 casadeoficios@papelerapalermo.com.ar www.papelerapalermo.com.ar

5) El Borde. Arte Contemporáneo Uriarte 1356 Tel: 4777 4573 el-borde@sitearte.com www.el-borde.com “Te quiero” Daniel Herce

6) Pabellon 4 – Multiespacio Uriarte 1332 Tel: 4772 8745 pabellon4@interlink.com.ar www.pabellon4.com

7) Espacio Uriarte Uriarte 1572 1° piso Tel: 15-5456-1535 espaciouriarte@baruriarte.com.ar www.espaciouriarte.com.ar

8) Escarlata Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo Serrano 1408 Cel. 15 5333 0028 espacioescarlata@yahoo.com.ar

9) The Photo Gallery-Cecilia Pastore Serrano 1536 Tel: 4831-5930 contacto@ceciliapastore.com.ar www.thephotogallery.com.ar

10) Forma Galería de Arte Thames 1620 Tel: 4831-7041 galforma@hotmail.com www.galeriaforma.com.ar

11) GRAFIS – Galería de arte contemporaneo Thames 1653 Tel: 4832-9739 info@grafisgaleria.com.ar / grafis@fibertel.com.ar www.grafisgaleria.com.ar

12) Dos Riberas Pje. Santa Rosa 4932 Tel: 4832-2506 dosriberas@ciudad.com.ar

13) Bacano arte contemporáneo Armenia 1544 Tel: 4831-3564 info@bacano.com.ar www.bacano.com.ar

14) Espacio Personal Honduras 4748

15) Espacio Prometeo / Prometeo Arte Contemporáneo Malabia 1720, Local 5 Tel: 4833-4669 espacioprometeo@prometeolibros.com www.prometeolibros.com

16) Teresa Anchorena Malabia 1782 Tel: 4831-0711 tanchorena@fibertel.com.ar Milo Lockett

17) Juana de Arco Casa de Arte Costa Rica 4574 timbre botones Cel: 15 6092 5176 arte@juanadearco.net

18) Espacio Palleros Nicaragua 4462 Tel: 4511-5030 / 31 espaciopalleros@arnet.com.ar www.espaciopalleros.com.ar

19) Laura Lambré Studio Gorriti 4187 y Pringles Tel: 4867-3910 lauralambrestudio@hotmail.com www.lauralambrestudio.com.ar

20) Espacio Flichman – Lightowler F. A. de Figueroa 1658 Tel: 155-829-9667 / 155-746-6150 info@silvia-flichman.com.ar / balbina@lightowler.com.ar www.silvia-flichman.com.ar / www.lightowler.com.ar

21) Crimson Francisco Acuña de Figueroa 1800, esq. Julian Alvarez Tel: 4863 7375 crimson-arte@speedy.com.ar www.crimson-arte.com

22) Espacio De Arte Eseade / Philadelphia Uriarte 2472 Tel: 4776-6108 info@philadelphia.edu.ar www.philadelphia.edu.ar

23) Astuce – Espacio de arte J. L. Borges 2016 Tel: 4773 0978 astuce@arnet.com.ar www.astuce.com.ar

24) 1 / 1 Caja de Arte Nicaragua 5024 Tel: 15-4070-1637 claudiawright@fibertel.com.ar

Barrio Norte Circuit

1) Zurbarán Cerrito 1522 Tel: 4815 1556 prensa@zurbarangaleria.com.ar www.zurbarangaleria.com.ar “15 Bertani 15” Ernesto Bertani

2) Agalma.arte Libertad 1389 Tel: 4816-3651 info@agalmaarte.com www.agalmaarte.com

3) Galería Rubbers Internacional – Esp. Alvear Av. Alvear 1595 Tel. / Fax: 4816 1864 / 1869 info@rubbers.com.ar www.rubbers.com.ar

4) Colección Alvear de Zurbarán Av. Alvear 1658 Tel: 4811 3004 / 4815-6284 cmp@zurbarangaleria.com.ar www.zurbarangaleria.com.ar “Ernesto Bertani, 15 años en la Pintura” Ernesto Bertani

5) Del Infinito Arte Av. Quintana 325 P.B. Tel: 4813 8828 delinfinitoarte@speedy.com.ar

6) Adriana Indik Galería de Arte Rodriguez Peña 2067 PB “A” Tel/Fax (54 11) 4812-5169 contacto@adrianaindik.com www.adrianaindik.com

7) Alvear Arte y Joyas Av. Alvear 1883 local 2 Tel: 4807-8100 / 4807-2424 info@artealvear.com.ar

8) Fundación Mundo Nuevo Callao 1870 PB Tel: 4804-7321 arte@fundacionmundonuevo.org www.fundacionmundonuevo.org

9) Insight Arte Av. Callao 1777 PB 4815-5292 / 4813-2159 info@insightarte.com.ar www.insightarte.com.ar

10) Lila Mitre Espacio de Arte Guido 1568 Tel./ Fax: 4811-6674 mitrelila@uolsinectis.com.ar www.lilamitre-arte.com

11) Consorcio de Arte Buenos Aires Uruguay 1371 Tel: 4816-4524 info@consorciodearte.com.ar www.consorciodearte.com.ar

12) RO Galería de Arte Paraná 1158 Tel: 4815 6467 rogaleria@speedy.com.ar www.roart.com.ar

13) Mantova Arenales 1470 Tel: 4813-6224 / 7933 mantova@mantova.com.ar www.mantova.com.ar

14) Javier Baliña Galería de Arte Arenales 1428 Tel. 4813-0811 / Cel:(15) 4148-1145 jbarte@fibertel.com.ar www.jbarte.com.ar

15) Sara Garcia Uriburu – Galería de Arte Uruguay 1223 P.B. (Fondo a la derecha) Tel: 4813 0148 saragarciauriburu@fibertel.com.ar www.saragarciauriburu.com

16) Villa Borghese – Galería de Arte Uruguay 1223 PB 9 Tel: 4815-5340 galeriavborghese@fibertel.com.ar

17) Galería Isabel Anchorena Rue des Artisans – Arenales 1239, Puerta 4 “H” Tel: 4811 5335 isabelanchorena@sion.com www.isabelanchorena.sion.com

18) GV Consultoría en Arte Arenales 1239 PB puerta 4 “G” Tel./Fax: 4813 3551 info@gvartconsult.com www.gvartconsult.com

19) Galeria de Arte Federico Barale Ayacucho 1471 Tel. 4 816 3221 – Cel. 155 4975 604 galeria@federicobarale.com.ar www.federicobarale.com.ar

20) Espacio de Artistas (Atelier de García del Rio) Ayacucho 1416 2º piso Tel 1556138776 – 4776-3109 karinaparadiso@uolsinectis.com.ar mifran@fibertel.com.ar www.karinaparadiso.com.ar

21) Cleo Art Club Arenales 2534 Tel: 4824-3030 info@cleoartclub.com.ar www.cleoartclub.com.ar

22) Espacio Y… , Lugar Cultural Laprida 1963 PB “B” Tel / fax : 4803 – 9764 espacioylc@yahoo.com.ar www.espacioy.com.ar

San Telmo Circuit

1) Galería Wussmann Venezuela 570, entre Bolívar y Perú 4343 4707 arte@wussmann.com www.wussmann.com

2) Galería Decastelli arte en cartón Chile 354 Tel: 4307-7822 osvaldo@decastelli.com.ar www.decastelli.com.ar

3) Galería de Arte Mercedes Giachetti Defensa 718 Tel. / Fax: 4361-6307 mercedesgiachetti@yahoo.com.ar www.galeriamgiachetti.com.ar

4) 713 Arte Contemporáneo Defensa 713 4362 7331 info@arte713.com www.arte713.com

5) Espacio Biazzi Arte Defensa 763 4361-6809 info@biazzi.com.ar www.biazzi.com.ar

6) EdeA Galería de Arte Defensa 771 Tel. 4361-3328 Fx. 4361-4803 info@edearte.com.ar www.edearte.com.ar Alberto Arias Acastello y Hugo Reinoso

7) Isidro Miranda Arte Contemporáneo – Casa Central Estados Unidos 726 Tel: 4361-4034 info@isidromiranda.com.ar www.isidromiranda.com.ar

8) La Incubadora Fine Art Chacabuco 1025 Tel: 4361-5717 casart7@yahoo.com.ar www.incubadorarte.com “

9) Rajadell Art Gallery Defensa 1060 4361-6053 4307-1361 pinturas@rajadellartgallery.com.ar www.rajadellartgallery.com.ar

10) Erik Adriaan van der Grijn Humberto 1° 313 / 315 / 317 PB “B” o “C” o 2° “E” Tel: 4328-4603 15-5892-0863 asoc_vandergrijn@fibertel.com.ar www.vandergrijn.com

11) Arkis Galería de Arte San Juan 427 Tel: 4300-8600 info@arkis.com.ar www.arkis.com.ar