Apartment Rental

Lodging – Apartments Rental in Buenos Aires.

We usually recommend to our Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual visitors to rent  furnished apartments in Buenos Aires.

There is a great variety of very nice -fully equipped- apartments available for rent for short periods (between 1 week to 6 months) in the best locations of the city (Recoleta, Palermo, Retiro). These units include bed lining, towels, cable TV, fridge, microwave, telephone & kitchenware, and air conditioning / heating (some even gym or pool). Nowadais AIRBN is the most popular option to stay in an apartment while visting Buenos Aires. You can rent a studio, or a room and share your during stay with a local host.

This option is usually cheaper than a Hotel. You have more privacy, and you can get a better taste of real life in Buenos Aires.

You have more freedom, you can buy your groceries at the nearest supermarket and prepare your own meals, or you could also go to your nearest restaurant and taste our local cuisine.You can find the apartment that fits your needs and stay near the main gay venues, shopping and restaurants areas in the city.

I would recommend to stay at the Recoleta or Palermo district (barrios).

Recoleta is in the middle of the most of the attractions you would want to visit, and it´s a very safe neighborhood. While Palermo is not far aways, is the most gayfriendly neighborhood in the city, and has hundreds of restaurantes and bars.

In Recoleta -the former gay avenue- Santa Fe Avenue is located there. Most of the gay bars and nightclubs are located in Palermo area (the neighborhood to the North), or Downtown (the neighborhood to the South), so you will be in the middle of everything.

Other good areas to look for an apartment in Buenos Aires are Barrio Norte, Palermo and Retiro.