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Buenos Aires gay maps

The guys of Circuitos Cortos, a design and advertising company, publishes and distributes every two months BSAS GAY map, that you can get from most hotels, gays bars, etc.

The map, includes all gay clubs, pubs, bars, restaurants, and cruising spots of the Buenos Aires.

You can get a copy of the map in most hotels, many gay bars, clubs, even some regular shops.

If you take one of our Neighborhood Walking Tours we will provide you with a copy of the gay map.

This is how the maps looks like:


Buenos Aires Online Map

There is a great online map of Buenos Aires, provided by the Local Government, where you can find directions by bus, subway train, or car. It also includes useful information about the location of the museums, historical sites, bike lanes, pictures of each lot in the city (if you click in it), etc. This map includes a lot of information about the city, because is part of the #open data program. The map is in Spanish, but it is very simple to use.

There is also and Android and IPhone app of the map called "BA Como llego" (BA How I get there"), that will give you directions while you are in the go.

Web: http://mapa.buenosaires.gob.ar/

Android/IPhone app: http://www.buenosaires.gob.ar/aplicaciones-moviles/bacomollegot

Starting Nov 30 2015 , Google Maps and Google Now will give you public transport directions, including subway, buses, trains, etc.

Palermo Maps

Mapas de Buenos Aires publishes a collection of maps of Palermo ever growing shops, restaurants, hotels, designs shops and bars that is very useful both for locals and tourists.

The restaurant map of Palermo, for example gives a description of each restaurant divided by type of food . You usually can get them in Palermo, but in restaurants you will find the clothes and decorations maps, while in clothes shops you will find the restaurant maps. Restaurant maps tend to get sold out faster in my experience, and are the more useful. Here are the

You can also download a puff copy of the maps from their website  by clicking on the images below (but probably getting a printed one makes more sense. You can download a copy just in case you don´t find the map who knows...):

mapa buenos aires palermo gastronomiamaps buenos aires palermo clothes stores










Wipe Magazine

logo wipe
Wipe is a monthly free and very cool printed pocket magazine, that includes among other stuff  in Spanish and very cool pictures, a list of great restaurants, bars  and clubs in Buenos Aires with their addresses. They also have an online agenda with very cool events that happen every day. The printed guide is pocket size, so you can keep this great shortlist with you wherever while you explore Buenos Aires.

Wipe magazine is distributed in many bars and shops, in their website they list where you can get it. Website: www.wipe.com.ar. I recommend you, to get a copy if you see it in any bar or shop.


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