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Gay Nightclubs in Buenos Aires

Check our Facebook Page, for info, on every week parties, and special events, taking place in Buenos Aires. The location, and days of some parties, may change on weekly basis, so we update them on Facebook

RHEO @ Crobar Marcelino Freyre S/N, Arco 17, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Saturday after 1 Am) RHEO is one of the best  parties for Saturday night. Rheo has the same organizers than HUMAN CLUB, and Dorothy!. Crobar is a Club under XIX century train Archways in the middle of Palermo Park. The music is mostly hits, electronic music, has a and cool audience mix in the same place. Both RHEO and HUMAN are located in great areas of the city and will give the visitor a different view of Buenos Aires and share the sophistication, and fun.  Other parties are organized, like, Dorothy, etc., not in a regular base, so you should check their Facebook page for invites.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rheoBsAs/

Fiesta PLOP! -  (Friday after 1 a.m.) Federico Lacroze 3455, Colegiales, C1426CQH, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Plop is a party that attracts younger guys. These are very informal and fun parties. Plop is held  at Teatro Colegiales (now called Vorterix), -and old and elegant neighborhood theatre- that was completely refurnished some years ago.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fiestaplop

Fiestas Dorothy! @ Palacio Alsina Alsina 940, Monserrat, Buenos Aires, C1088AAB, Argentina. "It's not just the best party. It's a magical JOURNEY." Is their motto. This party is held once a month or sometimes every 2 months at Palacio Alsina. This is probably one of the coolest parties in town!
Palacio Alsina is a huge elegant historical industrial building in Monserrat Neighborhood, which was the first gay big disco in Buenos Aires. For more than a decade was the gay spot every Friday and Sunday tea dance, but right now it is straight most nights, but hosts special gay parties called Fiesta Dorothy! from time to time. This club has some of the best light effects in town (and arquitecture) and gathers trendy people from 20 to 40.
You should check their Facebook page, to get updates about the next party, as this event is not held on regular basis.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fiesta.dorothy

La Wharhol - Córdoba 543, Retiro, Buenos Aires, C1054AAE, Argentina (Fridays, after 1 a.m.) Wharhol party, is organized at The Sub Club, every Friday night after midnight. The attendance is predominantly young, 18 to 26 guys and girls. The vibe at Wharhol is authentic and relaxed what may make you feel closer to your friends and feel lkke meeting new people.
The music is a mix of the best of pop with all hits to dance, scream, and even make a choreography in this bizarre parties...
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fiestawarhol

AMERIK - Gascon 1040, Almagro, Buenos Aires, C1181ACT, Argentina. (Fridat and Saturday from 1 a.m. 6 a.m. Sunday 8 p.m to 4 a.m.) Phone #: 4865-4416.  Amerik is the biggest and wildest gay discos in Buenos Aires, and sometimes even bizarre experience. The public us very mixed (many straights looking and free drinks), curious guys, etc. It has a wild semi-dark room on the first floor. Has two dance floors, and capacity for almost 2000 people. The main dance floor with techno music, a small glass isonorized dance floor which view to the main dance floor where they play 90´s hits and Latin music. Two bars. On Fridays and Saturdays there is "canilla libre" (free drinks) it's a sort of all you can drink for the cover price. Advice, I do not recommend to drink anything but beer, or water from the "canilla libre" bar. You have a VIP bar on the first floor to the right (opposite to the dark room) where you can buy good booze (ask where it is). You can get in the list of RRPP from Facebook page. It is recommended to arrive before 2 AM to avoid the big lines. Fri & Sat (Free Drinks). Sunday the cover is free, before 2.30 a.m. with RRPP list, acces card, or with tickets from previous nights.
Web: www.ameri-k.com.ar

GLAM Gay Club - Cabrera 3046, Palermo, Buenos Aires, C1186AAF, Argentina. Telephone +54 (11) 4963-2521. GLAM has one dance floor, two bars a dark room and a patio. What to say about Glam... The place sometimes gets too crowded. In summer it may get a little hot! I personally hate when people walks over over my foot, but you will probavbly enjoy it, and find plenty of 20's to 30's cute local guys. If you are in the mood go for it, it's a fun place for Thursdays and Saturdays night. Cover usually includes one drink.
Web: www.glambsas.com.ar

Fiesta PUERCA -  Federico Lacroze 3455, Buenos Aires, C1426CQH, Argentina (Saturdays after 1 a.m.) PUERCA is a relaxed party also held in Teatro Colegiales every Saturday. The crowd is young as PLOP, but not exactly the same. The music is a mix of techno, reggaeton, hits, cachengue, etc.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/fiestapuerca

Fiesta Eyeliner Córdoba 543, Downtown, Buenos Aires, C1054AAE, Argentina. (Saturdays, after 1 a.m.) Eyeliner was referred as the queer pop rocker nomad party. Queerpunkie, 80's pop, brit pop, alternative, and cheap drinks. Meeting point of gay rockers, anti-snobs lesbians, that don´t care of 6 pack abs, or expensive clothes. This party is celebratin its 12th aniversary on April 16, 2016, with a big event in Groove Club Av. Santa fe 4389. The rest of he nights the party is being held at The Sub Club (the adress above).
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FiestasEyeliner

MOSTRA Fest -  Jorge Luis Borges 2450, Palermo, Buenos Aires,  C1425FFJ, Argentina (A Saturday every month, after 1 a.m.) Mostra Fest is a celebration to the monstrosity of all type of divas, and the fame system around them. Every edition is dedicated to a well known star, or group of stars, sometimes it is dedicated to fallen divas, or to a never risen/ or to bizarre ones. Some of them may be specially invited/act/sing at the party. The public of "Mostra" is fun and eclectic, it ranges from hipsters to jocks, from argentine foreign service top class students, to gay celebrities, you will find also twinks and other non classified specimens. All of them gather at Palermo Club -once a "bailanta"- to summon that week "Monstra". The age of the attendees may vary, from mid 20´s to late 30´s. This is one of the parties not to miss, if you are in town, when it is celebrated.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MostraFest/

Brandon Gay Day - @ Niceto Club -Niceto Vega 5515, Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Saturdays from 2 - 6 a.m)  Brandon parties are held once -or twice- a month at Niceto Club (location may change form party to party). This party is popular with young people with interest in arts, esthetics, politics, etc., showing a less visible side of the LGBT stereotype.  Brandon proposes to dance a lot, with the best music, the latest hits, but also is open to new difficult or alternative sounds.
Web: www.brandon.org.ar

CONTRAMANO/ Rodríguez Peña 1082, Recoleta, C1020ADV, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Friday - Sunday midnight to 6  a.m., Sunday 10 PM - 5 AM). Contramano is the oldest gay club in town (it opened in Febraury 1984 just few months after Argentina recovered Democracy). Originally a nightclub for the older crowd, it has become more diverse through the years. You can now find people from all age groups, but geared towards guys in their late 30s and 40s. It has a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Sunday is Bears night + friends . For more info check their website www.contramano.com  or subscribe to the group Contramano Club de Fans on Facebook.

Ambar La Fox Parties -  (Some Thursdays) Ambar La Fox was a famous actress, dancer and diva Argentina in the 60´s. These parties that are held some Thursdays  in in different places (usually Niceto Club). This is a great party, but  lost regularity after loosing Teatro Colegiales (Vorterix) as it home. The parties are fun, relaxed, have cheap drinks, and a festive and young crowd. The music is a mix of old and actual fun music -including some hits from the early 90´s like erasure, some local fun music, a bit of rock, and a freak show on stage. Upstairs in the balconies there is a nice bar. You should arrive before 1:30 to avoid a big line. Check the party website as day and location where it is held changes regularly, and the party is organized sporadically.
Web: www.facebook.com/fiesta.ambar.

Club 69 Niceto Vega 5510 Palermo, Buenos Aires, C1414BFD, Argentina. Phone # 4779-9396 (Thur 1-7 AM) Club 69 is a weekly very gay friendly party held at Niceto nightclub. Club 69 has one electronica room, and a hip-hop one, and a stage where a every week is a different underground, crazy show, with half naked actors, drag queens, etc. depending the week theme. It has great music, great crowd, that can be lots of fun!
Web: http://www.club69.com.ar/

RHEBEL - Av. Costanera Norte y Av. Sarmiento (Complejo Punta Carrasco) (Some Fridays from 1 to 7 a.m. ) RHebel is a party organized some Friday nights in a popular dance club complex in river front (Costanera). It has 2 dance floors, the main one which plays house / electronic music, while the second has more funny music, oldies, 90`s hits, some Latin, reggaeton. There is also an open space outdoors where you can enjoy the River, and late in the night the sunset, while people continue having fun and dancing under the first rays of light.
The crowds range from 20`s to 40`s. When you arrive, don't get confused with the line of the neighbor straight club in the same complex. If you see hot rugbier´s in with a very macho attitude (plus lots of girls) you are in the wrong line. The entrance is to the left apart from the crowd from the club You can get a discount getting on the the RRPP lists (check our or their Facebook). Rhebel it is not held every Saturday anymore. So, check the website, and our Facebook. They usually do 1 or 2 parties a month, or even less.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/RhebelBsAs/

Angels Disco, Viamonte 2168, Balvanera, Buenos Aires, C1056ABH, Argentina. Opens Thurday to Saturdays. from 1:30 am
 This lower keyed club has two dance-floors and a dark-room. Angels is the opposite of Palacio Alsina, and attracts of lower income crowds of gay and is very popular with transvestites both locals and immigrants. Cover usually includs drinks.
Web: www.discoangels.com.ar/

María, Balcarce 563, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, C1064AAK, Argentina. Disco exclusive for lesbian located in San Telmo historical Neigborhood.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mariaexclusivomujeres

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