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About us

Picture of me in Acapulco, MexicoMy name is Guillermo R. Etchevers. I was born in the Recoleta Neighborhood in Buenos Aires, the place where I have lived almost all my life.

I ´m a lawyer. I got my degree in Law at Buenos Aires University in June 2001.  I'm finished a Master in Business Administration (MBA) in December 2003.

I finished a Master in Business Administration (MBA) at CEMA University in December 2003.

From January to March 2004 I participated in a student exchange program with other business school in Mexico. From 2009 I am studying a LLM in Tax Law. In Fall 2010 I participated in an exchange program with University of Texas.

As a lawyer, I have been working part time in a Labor Court job since I was 19 years old. I also did a fellowship in a Tax Law Firm in 2000 and from 2006-9.

The success of this site, made me quit my morning job in the judiciary in December 2003. So now I´m dedicating full time to run and update the website, to reply all the emails from visitors, to give the Neighborhood Personal Walking, Night and Shopping Tours, and to help people get an apartment for rent during their visit.

A gay travel guide Buenos Aires: The idea.

The idea of creating this site came to me after a funny incident during my 2003 summer holyday in Madrid, Spain

It was my first night in Madrid, first time in this city. I had checked out a gay online website to know the gay places to go out. There was a nightclub called Heaven. I heard about a London nightclub called Heaven, and decided with my boyfriend to try it.

We went to this supposed to be "gay nightclub, but when we were already inside, about 10 minutes after arriving, we realized that this wasn't anymore a gay club. My boyfriend needed more time to figure it out. He wanted to kiss me there, and said: " I think this is not gay...".

I knew after that Heaven was no more a gay club, the online guide was out to date, now it was a dark -vampire style- nightclub.

When I came back to Buenos Aires, I realized that was any online and updated information for foreign gay visitors. Several years partying around the gay scene in Buenos Aires each weekend gave me some authority in the matter. So I realized I had, as a gay local, useful information that I could share with foreign visitors to Buenos Aires. I saw a need and no one was serving it.

Because I was applying for a Fellowship to study 6 months in Barcelona, Spain, I wasn't sure if I would have time to dedicate to the site, I did not get the fellowship. At the end, it was a good thing, because the site grew a lot, and it has become a great success.

From a bad experience to being the main online source for Buenos Aires travelers... It has been a long way and lots of responsibilities. I ´m giving all my best to provide you the best service, the service you deserve, the service I would like to get when I travel: friendly service, prompt replies to your mail, the best local advice so you get a better and more local experience of Buenos Aires.

We are here, to help and serve you. Our main objective, is that when we created the website is that you become a lover of Buenos Aires city.